The Seven Principles of Spiritualism

  1. The Fatherhood of God
  2. The Brotherhood of Man
  3. The Communion of Spirits and the Ministry of Angels
  4. The Continuous Existence of the Soul
  5. Personal Responsibility
  6. Compensation and Retribution here or hereafter for all deeds done on earth
  7. Eternal Progress Open to Every Soul

Spiritualists follow no creed or dogma

First United Spiritualist Church encompasses and goes beyond Spiritualism, and endeavors to open our platform to the leaders and teachers of many faiths and spiritual perspectives.

We honor the paths of others and celebrate the spiritual journeys of every individual.

We believe that at the heart of each spiritual teaching and philosophy there are common threads of truth and light that become the total mosaic of our spiritual world.

We encourage our brothers and sisters to find richness and diversity in their lives, by finding the path that lights their own way.

We share in the traditions of our planetary family, and reach out in peace to those who may not believe as we do.

We believe that there is no arrogance in spiritual tolerance; no fear in open doorways, and no judgment or attack in peaceful respect for another’s path.

We believe that there is an eternal connection between all beings, and that the ability to heal and connect with spirit is at the core of all humans. Spiritual and energy healing is simply a forgotten part of our inner knowledge and can be awakened and developed.

We welcome everyone to experience a service or healing in our beautiful, charming chapel, and we offer our friendship and support to those who are in the process of finding their spiritual purpose, balance and healing in life.