We welcome everyone to open their hearts and minds in the ongoing search to understand our human and spiritual natures.

The First United Spiritualist Church has no fixed creed or dogma. We invite various speakers and workshop facilitators to share their knowledge and unique perspectives along their spiritual path. Spiritual Healing, Mediumship, and Messages from Spirit form the foundation of our community.

Makes absolute religion the point where man’s will and God’s will are one and the same. It lays down no creed, asks no symbol, and reverences no time or place exclusively…It considers forms and ceremonies as not essential. It only reckons them as useful to those who need them. It does not make the means the end. It prizes the sign only for the sake of the signification. Its temple is all space; its shrine, the good heart; its creed, All Truth; its ritual, works of good and use… It asks no pardon for its sins, it only seeks the opportunity to atone for them. It bows to no idols. It is reverent to truth only. And Rejects all falsehood, though upheld by antiquity or power of the church… It makes each man his own redeemer and his own priest; but gladly accepts of every true word, every earnest exhortation to good, or wise counsel spoken by others…
#142 Lyceum Officers’ manual

Spiritualism is the knowledge of everything pertaining to the spiritual nature of man; it is a science, a philosophy, and a religion, presenting a just view of man’s duty, destiny, and immortal relations…

…as Spirit is the moving force of the universe, so Spiritualism, in its widest scope, embraces the whole realm of Nature.

…Science. . .Spiritualism is based upon well proven world-wide facts, which can and have been scientifically classed. It promotes the search for truth in every department of being: and is therefore the science of life.

…Philosophy…It comprehends man and the universe in all their varied relations physical, intellectual, moral and spiritual.

…Religion…It gives us a better conception of the Creator and his works, promotes us to act up to our highest sense of duty and stimulates spiritual growth and purity of life, thus preparing us for the immortality which it proves.

…Spiritualists…are those who believe in a continued future existence, and that departed spirits can and do communicate with man.
references from the #137 “Lyceum Officers’ Manual